I dedicate this blog to a good friend of mine.  Let’s just refer to this person as M.  I have tons to write about M, and one blog may not be adequate.  But I’ve finally decided to dedicate a blog for M. 

We know how fond we are of remembering events, details of our lives, but when I remember the times I spent with him, I’m slowly mixing and mashing some of the details that it results to a totally different memory altogether.  Still the same content, but just some differences in the location, time, and other minor details.  Albeit minor, but it is these small details that makes every moment special and memorable.  Proud as I am of my memory, but lately, she needs a bit of an aid to remember. 🙂

This will be a first of many blogs I will enter/post about M.  I should just need to find the time to put write them all, as far as I can remember everything.


About wonderfullywendy

My name is Wendy, currently deployed and living in the capital of the country with half of the world's population, China. I've been living on my own for 3 years now, counting the time I spent as a student here in China. After going back to my country, I was sent back to Beijing to assume my post and stay here for 6 years. I've been here for 2. years, and I look forward to more meaningful years ahead. I'm happiest when I travel, eating, hanging out with my bosom friends, drinking a good and hot cup of coffee with a book, and just exploring the city and taking photos of whatever catches my eye. I enjoy solitude, but I also enjoy observing people and their dynamics and try the best that I could to capture it in my camera. Since I sometimes (well, more often) tend to be forgetful, I hope this blog would serve as a my memory-bank, to enable me to document my travels, photos, thoughts, experiences, and projects that I am working on. What's one thing I truly want to learn? To cook proper food. :D So, I hope in this blog, I get the chance to document whatever I can, whenever I can. Enough said. :P
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