Tonio Balanquit, Jr, be at peace

This post is in memory of my batchmate in high school, Antonio Jazmin Balanquit, Jr.

I often hear my other batchmates from high school call or refer to him as “Tonio”, “Tonyo”, or just “Balanquit”. 

 I remember how some would claim that he was the long-lost brother of one of our classmates, due to the resemblance. 

 I also knew in Junior year he was a COCC, is a year-long training for students who aspire to become CAT, citizens’ army training, officers in Senior year.  Having successfully fulfilled the requirements, he eventually became an officer in Senior.

I remember him for the intense expression on his face; a sign of a deep intellect within.  I heard he was very eloquent, both verbally and in writing.  I would not be surprised.

But that is all I knew of him. 

Still, when I learned of his passing, I felt a pang of sadness inside.  Someone so young, with a lot of promise in store, expired and moved on to join our Creator.  It was his time, we would all rationalize.  Still, I remember the lines in the movie “The Hours”, when Virginia Wolf decided that a character in her novel “Mrs. Dalloway” will kill him/herself.  When asked why, she replied “Someone has to die, so that others may realize the value of living”. 

And whenever I hear of someone’s passing, it saddens me more each time.

To my schoolmate and batchmate, be at peace and may God be with you.


About wonderfullywendy

My name is Wendy, currently deployed and living in the capital of the country with half of the world's population, China. I've been living on my own for 3 years now, counting the time I spent as a student here in China. After going back to my country, I was sent back to Beijing to assume my post and stay here for 6 years. I've been here for 2. years, and I look forward to more meaningful years ahead. I'm happiest when I travel, eating, hanging out with my bosom friends, drinking a good and hot cup of coffee with a book, and just exploring the city and taking photos of whatever catches my eye. I enjoy solitude, but I also enjoy observing people and their dynamics and try the best that I could to capture it in my camera. Since I sometimes (well, more often) tend to be forgetful, I hope this blog would serve as a my memory-bank, to enable me to document my travels, photos, thoughts, experiences, and projects that I am working on. What's one thing I truly want to learn? To cook proper food. :D So, I hope in this blog, I get the chance to document whatever I can, whenever I can. Enough said. :P
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