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My name is Wendy, currently deployed and living in the capital of the country with half of the world's population, China. I've been living on my own for 3 years now, counting the time I spent as a student here in China. After going back to my country, I was sent back to Beijing to assume my post and stay here for 6 years. I've been here for 2. years, and I look forward to more meaningful years ahead. I'm happiest when I travel, eating, hanging out with my bosom friends, drinking a good and hot cup of coffee with a book, and just exploring the city and taking photos of whatever catches my eye. I enjoy solitude, but I also enjoy observing people and their dynamics and try the best that I could to capture it in my camera. Since I sometimes (well, more often) tend to be forgetful, I hope this blog would serve as a my memory-bank, to enable me to document my travels, photos, thoughts, experiences, and projects that I am working on. What's one thing I truly want to learn? To cook proper food. :D So, I hope in this blog, I get the chance to document whatever I can, whenever I can. Enough said. :P

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Mmmm… cake. I was very much on a baking kick a couple weeks ago, the result being that we gain weight and the blog gains a few recipes. When I went to our local…

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Tonio Balanquit, Jr, be at peace

This post is in memory of my batchmate in high school, Antonio Jazmin Balanquit, Jr. I often hear my other batchmates from high school call or refer to him as “Tonio”, “Tonyo”, or just “Balanquit”.   I remember how some would claim that he was … Continue reading

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We’ve Only Just Begun…

As I sift through my usual routine at work, my colleage is currently playing Andy Williams’ version of “We’ve Only Just Begun.”; and since then I started to  suffer from Last-Song-Syndrome, also known as LSS. As I listened to the … Continue reading

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I dedicate this blog to a good friend of mine.  Let’s just refer to this person as M.  I have tons to write about M, and one blog may not be adequate.  But I’ve finally decided to dedicate a blog … Continue reading

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1 day ’til arrival

Well, technically speaking, it’s 2, since she will arrive on 16 March 2011 midnight.  I’m talking about my mom.  She’s coming over. 🙂 I am excited!  Though I saw my mom last February when I had my vacation in Manila, … Continue reading

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Here I am

Just signed in to my account here at WordPress. Still have my blogspot account, but decided to move in the WordPress neighborhood. Have to be more religious in my entries. I haven’t been consistent, but I sure will try. Looking … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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